Monday, March 26, 2012

How did we get here?

Over the weekend we were discussing how much the country has changed since World War II.  I never heard my grandparents talking about protests against entitlement programs. I also never heard how people and companies became censored on what they could say and how they could say it. After World War II, people worked hard, didn’t demand handouts and made this country what it should be. During the 60’s we started seeing protests for the Vietnam War which open the gates for protests against anything. These protestors continue to fight against anything that they agree with.

Most protestors have no family to take care of. They only have to worry about themselves. This gives them loads of free time to find anything to protest against and make hateful posts on the internet.  They dodge responsibilities such as wartime drafts and paying bills. Their families are broken up, their children are lost to society.

People who have responsibilities and take pride in their work do not have the free time that the liberals do. They are working for a living and taking care of their families. They are paying their bills and mortgages. They are not expecting anyone to take of them; they are proud of what they have done and strive to do more. When they do have free time it is spent with the family. These people also have the knowledge in raising children that also become responsible adults.

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