Monday, March 26, 2012

How did we get here?

Over the weekend we were discussing how much the country has changed since World War II.  I never heard my grandparents talking about protests against entitlement programs. I also never heard how people and companies became censored on what they could say and how they could say it. After World War II, people worked hard, didn’t demand handouts and made this country what it should be. During the 60’s we started seeing protests for the Vietnam War which open the gates for protests against anything. These protestors continue to fight against anything that they agree with.

Most protestors have no family to take care of. They only have to worry about themselves. This gives them loads of free time to find anything to protest against and make hateful posts on the internet.  They dodge responsibilities such as wartime drafts and paying bills. Their families are broken up, their children are lost to society.

People who have responsibilities and take pride in their work do not have the free time that the liberals do. They are working for a living and taking care of their families. They are paying their bills and mortgages. They are not expecting anyone to take of them; they are proud of what they have done and strive to do more. When they do have free time it is spent with the family. These people also have the knowledge in raising children that also become responsible adults.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free Speech is now limited to Liberal Agenda

CBS reports that in Los Angeles, a resolution is actually being considered that would limit the type of speech that is spoken on the public airwaves. This started because a couple of dj's referred to Whitney Houston as a "crack h"o a few weeks back. The articles also mentions Rush's Fluke comment as well. No where does it mention any of Bill Maher's or Letterman's attack. Interesting that this comes up at this time. Do you think King Obama and his court will chime in on this as he does with other local items such as gay marriage or healthcare? Me either.
Liberal groups such as Black Media Alliance, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Korean-American Bar Association, American Indians in Film and Television are giving their full support (of course).  We all know that this will only affect conservative talk radio. As long as is it a liberal acting against a conservative, all terms such as "cracker","honky","slut" and others will be allowed. Minorities will still be able to use racist terms against the majority.
If this doesn't worry you, it will in the future.  After they get this they will go after television and then the internet.This is only the first of many "policies" that will start occurring after this passes. (I say "after" because this is coming from Los Angeles, do you really think that their government would defeat this?)  All in the name of "fairness" on the airwaves, any type of media will eventually have to go through an "approval" process.
 Previous dictators such as Hitler starting by controlling the media and we know what happens after that.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Forget Rush, attack his listeners

As reported in the Washington Post it looks like the MSM cannot keep Rush down. So what do they do? They go after his listeners. According to the author everyone who listens is a wife-cheating, money greedy SOB.

Emotions vs Facts

Today, I was going to post a reply to the article on PMSNBC where the subject of the report is how the House GOP has to start making some accomplishments. This theme is just another tiresome article that has been done over and over in the mainstream media. Referring to the article in the Washington Post on how Obama was the problem when it came to the debt debates last summer, I was going to point out the GOP did do something, they presented an idea to the King and the King went back and lied about how the GOP did nothing. Assuming that the posters on PMSNBC knew about the article (since they are all heavily involved with bipartisan politics) they must not understood it or thought that the King acted like he should, creating and promoting lies. But then I thought there is no arguing with these people, they are close minded and cannot agree with anything that is aligned with their views. These are the same people that insist that the GOP must “compromise” and the hate that is spewed must stop ( as long as it is aimed at them). They hide behind the constitution when they can. They even change the constitution to fit their arguments. My post might have been removed or stayed and just bashed with the usual comments from the posters. Could it be that these posters actually work for PMSNBC? PMSNBC as of late has been removing posts that are against the King and his court and is starting to become even more Right Bashing than usual.  This just provides addition proof that mainstream media is the outlet for the left liberal mindset in this country. An outlet for both sides of arguments would be ideal, but the problem is that there isn’t any and there never will be. Any liberal outlet stays that way and the only way to fight the lies that they spew is to go against it which would be the conservative viewpoint. That’s why news agencies such as FOX is conservative, this is opposite of the liberal media outlets such as MSNBC, NBC, CNN etc. You cannot discuss anything with a liberal. When they start losing they get make personnel attacks and creating lies. Once the facts get in the way of their thinking, they start using emotions. The problem here is that you cannot put a value on emotions, yes you can say something makes you sad but how sad and the way you feel sad is different that how someone else feels sad. Facts are facts and that is constant no matter who you are.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weapons start to gather in the name of Homeland Security

Now this worries me a bit. Late Friday evening,  the White House releases this document that states in the times of "emergency" the government basically has the right to regulate everything. This document is just revision of one passed by previous presidents. If this was only a simple revision why then was it released Friday evening? Friday evening is usually the time that government documents are released because they would not be much mainstream media attention given to it. 
Another article informs the business communities that company ATK is now in a 4 year contract to make .40 caliber bullets for the department of homeland security. Add to this mixture the story about the military standing down when Leon Panetta visited the Marines last week. Other articles are starting to appear stating how homeland security is raising the awareness of a possible attack on U.S. soil in retaliation for the US solider who killed a number of Afghans last week. I thought that King Obama went around and apologized to these countries and smoothed everything over. Those who have not see these types of cover-ups should be seeing them now. All of this could culminate into the regime declaring martial law and restricting everything from toilet paper to handheld guns. Passes to travel around could even become possible with station points "checking your papers". In addition, this could lead to postponing or eliminating the elections "due to national security". As this administration has proved in the past, any event can be turned around to create more government involvement. Even the "occupy" people need to listen up, with the spring weather quickly closing in on us more and more protests groups will be out and some of them will go after the left side. With left and right attacking the administration they might feel threatened to start doing even the most unthinkable actions know to this country. Of course, I am hoping that I am dead wrong and this article gets filed into the "nutzo" category but what has been done in the last 3 years makes me wonder.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's talk about Green Energy Again

  Talking about “green” energy and how we should be using it in every facet of our lifestyle has been done to the point no one really cares anymore. Every radio and TV show out there has done a segment on it. We all know that currently it is not possible to make any type of “green” car that is practical. Prices are about 40% higher than oil powered cars, and houses are catch fire when charging up these “slot cars”. Required charging stations are not in places that would need them the most, for instance in rural America.             Environmental people say that we should start using these “green” fuels right away. What are we to do in the meantime? We still need to get around in a short amount of time, deliveries still need to be made, planes need to fly etc. Bicycles won’t be able to reliably replace any type of public transportation. The economy would get worse due to the increase cost and time that it would take to deliver products.  Overnight delivery would be a thing of the past. Getting to the hospital for an emergency would also be hindered Why can’t we just make a compromise so that we start doing in-depth research into making the “green” fuels practical and keep using the fossil fuels? This would allow our way of life to continue and evolve while starting to replace fossil fuels with alternative types of energy. Environment groups don’t go for this because their mantra is just say no to anything that they do not agree with. I’m sorry forest people but we have gotten use to our way of life. We like our cars, boats and getting across the country in less than 2 weeks. We do not purposely go around and destroy the planet. Until the human ewoks decide to make some type of compromise, this battle will continue on as long as man (and womyn) are on this planet.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Health Care goes downward at a quicker pace

AP Reports that the Obama administration has released the regulation for states to follow to match up people with health care.On the surface this sounds good. A one stop shopping for health care just like we do now for auto, home and other types of insurance.
Right away a couple of items come to mind. Getting this in place by January 1st 2014. Can anyone name anything the government has put together in that short amount of time? The king's court response is that if the states are not setup by that time, the federal government can step in and take over. Wow, even more control by the government to control healthcare. I do not care what anyone says, if they cannot see this as a blatant attempt at the government to control our lives then they have no reason to vote.